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Thread: Black watch memorial , royal military college ,sandhurst

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    Black watch memorial , royal military college ,sandhurst

    I found an interesting bit in the pages of the RED HACKLE MAGAZINE for January 1922 page 10 recording the proposed BLACK WATCH MEMORIAL at the Royal Miliitary College SANDHURST :

    The Page report records that proposed tablet in the RMC Chapel to the memory of the Officers of the Regiment who were CADETS at Sandhurst and the list of names will appear on the Black Watch Memorial Tablet is given below . The 1st and 2nd Battalions have already eack kindly consented to send a subscription etc

    The Roll of Honour - The Black Watch

    Lt E H H J Wilson
    2nd Lt R G Don
    Lt Col A Grant - Duff CB
    Lt L R Cumming
    2nd Lt N J L Boyd
    Capt E F N Urquhart
    2nd Lt D S S Smurthwaite
    Capt J W L Sprot
    Capt C E Strahan


    Lt K Buist
    2nd Lt C W Murray- Menzies
    Major J T C Murray DSO
    2nd Lt H S Turner
    Lt K R Gilroy
    Lt Col C McLean
    Capt A St J M Warrand
    2nd Lt R J Mackenzie
    Lt I B Macleod
    Capt W H C Edwards
    Lt Hon K A Stewart
    Capt R C Anderson
    Capt W T Kedie
    2nd Lt E HH Rawdon- Hastings
    2nd Lt N C Henderson
    Capt A C Denison
    2nd Lt H U Hayes
    Major H F S Amery


    Lt H A T Plunkett
    Brig General W J St J Harvey
    Major D C Hamilton- Johnston
    Lt C J McConaghey
    Lt A B Cumming
    2Lt H F Forrester
    Bt Lt Col T M M Berkeley
    Capt D B Mackintosh
    2nd Lt WJ Godfrey
    Brig General C E Stewart CMG

    Lt E G B Miller- Stirling
    2nd Lt A G Robertson
    Capt D J Murray- Menzies MC
    Lt Col H F F Murray
    Capt AL MacDonald MC
    2nd Lt G E C Thomson


    Capt G J Sinclair
    2nd Lt M S Stuart
    Lt G F Delmar- Williamson
    2nd Lt J A Tillie
    2nd Lt D C Burns

    "Who were Cadets at this College , and to all other Officers , Warrant Officers , NCOs and Men of the Black Watch who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919

    does anyone know if this war memorial was erected and unveiled in due course as moneys had been collected so it should have been reported in a later Red Hackle Magazine that cost then 1/-d

    patrick w anderson

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    Hi Pat,

    All I know is the Church / Chapel at Sandhurst had memorial panels but I have no idea about them now.

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    Might be worth asking the Sandhurst Trust the same question

    There are three photo's near the top of their page that are inside the chapel. You can see the style of memorial panels


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