Hi All,

I am Benny Boyle from Fife and was in the Black Watch started of in Belize left in Werl we have just launched a charity called Who Dares Cares it is for all services and this one is the Fife area although there is another one in Edinburgh. We provide a Hamper which will have at least 3 main meals plus another 2 mix for any veterans in the Fife area. It is really for any veterans that is struggling new or older or waiting on Payement from the socail and are skint. This is not a one of we will staff with you till you no longer need us or are sorted. This is a Hand up not a Hand out no questions asked except veteran info which we would check but you would still get your grub. There also just may be veterans out there that cannot get out and are homebound. If you refer them to us you must make sure you have there permmision. We will then take over but due to confidentiality we cannot get back to you although you can contact them. Remember this could be somone short time struggling. We will also if the veteran wants do them a sign posting service if they are missing out. This started last Monday and as said is in Edinburgh and we would like to see it right over Scotland as there is a lot of veterns needing a helping hand. The facebook page is Who Dares Cares Fife and you will get me on there as well as the Breakfast club called Scottish Forces breakfast Club where we have a large mix of RAF Navy Black Watch and K company Black watch. Any questions just email me Boyle.m2450@gmail.com apolgise IF i am not allowed that thanks

Benny Boyle