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Thread: Royal British Legions Veterans Hearing Fund & Veterans Hearing Support

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    Royal British Legions Veterans Hearing Fund & Veterans Hearing Support


    I am writing to tell you about Veterans Hearing Support. At Veterans Hearing Support we assist ex-service men and women who have hearing loss or associated difficulties such as tinnitus to access the Royal British Legions Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF).

    However, from experience we know that many Veterans and organisations who support veterans are not aware of the fund. We are seeking your help in getting the word out to the Veterans you work alongside about the fund and offer help through Veterans Hearing Support to access the fund.

    The application process is free and is not means tested so therefore its simple; if a veteran has a hearing loss, they may be eligible to access the fund. Our service to the veterans is free of charge and we have a network of highly trained audiologists right across the UK who will complete a full hearing assessment on eligible veterans to make sure they receive the correct hearing technology and assistive listening devices, or therapies required.

    If the service we offer is of interest to you or you would like to know more about The Royal British Legionís Veterans Hearing Fund please do let me know and we can arrange a conversation about how we can support veterans in your area. I have attached a copy of one of our leaflets and if you would like me to send you some in the post to distribute to Veterans and other interested parties I would be more than happy to do so.

    Please also feel free to direct Veterans to our Facebook page where they can read what people are saying about us: or give them our phone number which is free to call: 0333 455 9116 for more advice.

    I hope our service is of interest and forward to hearing back from you.

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    I applied to the Hearing Fund and because I was also downgraded due to hearing loss was able obtain my medical records, apply and receive funding for hearing aids.

    Well worth looking into.


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    I am ex 1st Battalion and work for a hearing company based in Dunfermline e assist and help process veterans hearing help applications and would advise to apply through RBL as there are a few companies that profit hugely for processing your applications, and before anyone jumps and says so will your company , yes we provide a service however non of our staff earn commission therefore every bit of your award goes on the highest level of technology and support possible. feel free to emailme for anymore information or assistance or even an informal chat.

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