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Thread: Black watch war memorial sold on ebay 300

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    Black watch war memorial sold on ebay 300

    The Courier & advertiser of Saturday 18th May 2019, had a large write up with the heading of ANGER AT ON LINE SALE OF MEMORIAL PLAQUE TO ww1 Dead : Remembrance: Critics say such items should be in a Museum

    The War Memorial reads :
    Have Pity on us at least you my friends because the hand of the Lord Hath Touched us. Of your Charity pray for the souls of these Who died in the war :

    Pte Michael Connaboy- September 21st 1916
    Pte Thomas Cullen - September 26th 1916
    Pte Peter Malley - September 21st 1918
    Pte Thomas Malley - June 14th 1916
    Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on them.

    The newspaper report covers the story and says Military historians have hit out after a memorial plaque for the Fallen BLACK WATCH soldiers was sold for 300 in an on line auction. Critics say the plaque for those killed in action in the WW1 should be donated to a local museum instead of being sold for Profit.
    According to the e bay listing, the plaque commemorating private soldiers was removed from a tribute in DUNBLANE after a larger memorial was installed .

    The courier reporter of the half page story is sean O'Neil and his email is

    (Patrick w Anderson )

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    Th Courier & advertiser FOR WEDNESDAY 22nd May 2019 has a story under the heading of VETERAN OFFERS TO BUY AND DONATE MEMORIAL :
    A Black Watch veteran has offered to buy the Memorial Plaque for the soldiers killed in WW1 and donate it to the Black Watch Museum . JIM BEEDIE, of Blairgowrie Perthshire said he was disappointed the item had been sold for profit after it fetched 300 bid on eBay auction. . Mr Beedie comes from a family of Black watch soldiers and he said he was a Veteran of the famous Regiment from 1957-1967 and he hoped the buyer would come forward and take him up on the offer . Mr Beedie said his Grandfather , his brother as well as himself all served in the Famous Regiment . He said the Black Watch means a lot to him . His grandfather was killed in the war .
    Scottish Military Research Group (website ) Chairman David McNay said such items should not be put up for auction.

    (Patrick W Anderson)


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