You may have been in contact over the years with Lt Colonel Roger J . Binks , secretary to the Trustees of the Scottish National War Memorial at the Edinburgh and submitted files for casualties of WW1 or WW2 or later to be added to the rolls and he has helped me greatly with having files accepted by the Trustees and added to the Rolls at the Castle during his 8 years in office . He is now about to retire and he has fully trained his successor who is Lt Col Colin McRory . I was so pleased to meet up with Lt Col Binks last year and he has helped me as I said to put forward my files and all have been accepted by the Trustees. He says my files are like a police file for a court case which is good for him to view . I hear too he has stood down recently from his role as Regimental Secretary to the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and I wish him well in his years ahead and retirement to enjoy

Best wishes Patrick W Anderson