Good morning all,

A newbie here, and seeking help.

My father, Captain John Weir Murray (known as Ian Murray) of Dundee went to Normandy on D-Day+6, and fought with the Black Watch in and around Tilly sur Seulles/ the Rauray ridge (among many other locations). He was injured but survived, and lived in Australia until he passed away in 2012.

When he was still fit and well, we visited several of his battlefields so I could see and hear about these first hand. I have returned many times, and discovered more about the experiences of people in the towns, villages, and farms, through their sons and daughters.

My sister has now discovered a wartime photograph of him, which I would like to post on a “whatever happened to…” type website, and perhaps help fill another piece in the Normandy Landings jigsaw puzzle.

I did see such a site which included pictures of those lost in battle, as well as others who survived, updating their details, but can no longer find it.

Does it ring a bell with anyone? All suggestions welcome. Apologies if this has been asked before.

Thanks in anticipation, and a forthcoming Happy New Year to you all.

Alan Murray