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Thread: Quatres Bras and Red Hackle

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    Question Quatres Bras and Red Hackle

    My ancestor Duncan Scott was wounded at Quatres Bras (grapeshot in mouth and throat) and probably never fought at Waterloo itself, two days later. He still qualified for the Waterloo medal, but for some reason never received it, and I believe his medal is on display in the Black Watch museum. I would like to swap notes with anyone else who had ancestors in those battles.

    However, my real interest is in what happened when the 42nd was posted to Ireland after this battle, because Duncan met and married an Irish girl. I'd like to get hold of the memoirs of John Wheatley, who wrote about these times, published in 1922 in Red Hackle. It seems there are CDs with these back issues, but you have to visit the shop in person, which is slightly inconvenient as I live in Australia. Can anyone suggest a way I can get hold of them?

    thanks very much


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    Hi Dermot and welcome to the BW Forums.

    Have you ever been to Bundanoon becomes Brigadoon?

    Duncan is mentioned as being in Captain James Stirling's Company in the Medal Roll 1801-1911. Strange thing is I have been on this page before as I had a page marker in it.

    If, as you say, Duncan's medal is in the Museum they should have a note on who donated it to them.

    I have also send you something by Private Message


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