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Thread: Battle details for 20/05/1916 Pvt. Cornelius McCluskey

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    Thanks again

    Hi Derek, Thank you for the jpegs and sorry for the tardy response. Funny how even within the BW rolls his name spelling varied. Like you say, it probably didn't bother him that much. When time permits, I plan to got to France for a visit. I've driven by these war graves in the past not knowing abut Neil and have some regret but it's just across the channel and will be there forever.
    Being in a service battalion, is there an area of research I can follow to learn more about what they did?
    By you including the Star medal roll, does that mean he received a medal or any other honours?

    Cheers Drew
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    His next of kin will have been sent three medals, the 1914-15 star, War Medal & Victory Medal, with his number, rank, initial, surname and regiment on them.
    Stamped on the back of the star and around the rims of the latter two.

    They will also have been sent a round bronze memorial plaque, also called a "Dead Man's Penny" with his name on it, they came too with a scroll.


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    I'm pretty sure they have been lost over the years. His sister, Martha, mentioned in his will I think moved to Australia and her story is a bit of a mystery. I will soldier on however and who knows???

    Thanks as always,

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