Hi all,
Earlier this year I applied for and received my fathers WW2 records from Army Personnel historical disclosures MoD. Although I was pleased to get these documents and share with family, they were basically just photocopies of official records and, on reading them, left me with more questions than answers.

I should point out that I'm in Australia and can't visit the Black Watch museum or some of the places suggested to me by the MoD. So everything is by the internet. Thankfully, I found this forum and I think members may be able to help.

I'm not a military person myself so some of this might be very straightforward but when I do internet searches I, invariably, land on Australian sites that only confuse me more.

So here goes, can you assist with these..?

Under military history it said states country as being
CMF - Took me ages but I believe this stands for Central Mediterranean Forces (correct?) This makes sense as he was in the Sixth Battalion and served in Greece in late 45 and into 46. Did cMF cover any other countries, islands?

MEF - I believe this is Middle Eastern Forces (correct?) Served for approx 3 months in 46 directly after CMF. Would this have been Egypt?

HOME - Stationed at HOME a year before CMF and MEF. Home is Scotland I guess or could it be UK in general? Is it possible to pin down a location for Home services by Battalion or other army information? He served at Home from April 44 to end of 45. That's a lot of time. I imagine some of that was at a training camp (but where?) and then a local posting somewhere.

Other acronyms on the paperwork
What does RAMC stand for?
His unit is listed as 59 PTW. What does this mean? Later on 12 HTU
Says he was transferred to the P. Corps. What would that be?

That's probably enough for now. I have other questions but these are the main ones. It's like deciphering hieroglyphics. All these codes.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.