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Thread: 2 Sporrans

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    2 Sporrans

    Hello, my first post here.

    I picked up these two sporrans. I have very little knowledge when it comes to kit.

    One is RHC, the other looks to be the 5th Royal Scots of Canada.

    With the smaller one, Im trying to determine age and why there is no #5 under the badge. Why is this so small?

    The service number in the RHC sporran leads to a soldier with previous militia experience before he signed up in 1916 with the 5th RHC. I assume both are correct and belonged to the same man.

    Also there was some nice RPPC from the C13 and the RHC.



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    Hi, my knowlege of Canadian kit is limited but I think the small sporran is for a child. Not sure it is 5th RS either could be just generic Clan Cambell badge.
    The larger one closely follows WW1 patterns see below 42nd & 73rd.
    Could you post the PCs?
    Ron.42 cef.jpg73 (2).jpg

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    Thanx for the reply.

    In a Canadian collectors book there is an identical sporran with RHC. The sporran is maker marked and dated 1916 on the inside along with a service number.

    Here are 2 of the PCs. Same man?



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