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Thread: Angus McDonald

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    Angus McDonald

    I'm trying to find out when and where my ancestor enlisted in the Black Watch.
    He was born circa 1743, although I don't have a date or place of birth. According to one of his sons death certificate, Angus was a Sergeant in the 42nd Regiment.
    He was married to Helen Thomson in 1788 and died in 1823 in Aberlour, Banffshire aged 80 but unsure if his age was true.
    He was aka Aeneas and this makes me think he wasn't born in Banffshire but possibly Western Isles or Skye.

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    Evie- greetings. You have quite a task ahead of you. You'll appreciate that during this period there would be quite a few men named Mcdonald/Macdonald in the ranks of the 42nd at any time. The Christian name will help narrow the search down a little, although you will be looking for both Angus and Aeneas. At least they'll near the head of the 'McDs', bracketing the Andrews

    One starting point will be the regimental Muster Rolls kept at Kew. These massive tomes haven't been digitised, so it requires a visit to view them

    The catalogue numbers are from WO 12/ 5478 onward, starting in 1759, not long before the earliest likely date that your forbear would have enlisted. See here:

    The situation is complicated by the fact that the Black Watch had a second battalion from 1758-62 and from 1780-86, so you may need to look through their rolls too.
    The 42nd served in America from 1756-1762 and again from 1776-89. The 2nd battalion also served in India from 1780-86. These years would be the most likely period in which your man served, assuming he enlisted when he was about 20, circa 1763.

    If you have the birth registry for any of his children that would help refine the timeline.
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