Any further information about my Grandad or the time period he joined The Black Watch And also how he would have got back from Dunkirk where he was injured by shrapnel, would be greatly appreciated. Have a few gaps to fill in.

My Grandad died in 1984 and never talked much about his time in the war, I do remember the scar on his arm though and one on his leg.

A friend of mine has composed a lovely write up about my Grandad which you can find in the link below. Included is information about my Grandad, signed up when he was underage, left Stoke on Trent to join The Black Watch in 1930, we can only think that his home life was pretty awful. He met his future wife in Scotland during his time there.

Thought it might make interesting reading for some.

If anyone would be kind enough to look through the information I would be really grateful.

If this is the wrong area to post could you kindly point me in the right direction. Im hoping the link below will open up the documents which have been put together. Weve gone through various old material and photos to try and piece together his life before, during and after the war.

Many thanks

Lesley Mackay

::Word Doc on Samuel Packett::