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Thread: William Green (1882-1965) Black Watch

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    William Green (1882-1965) Black Watch

    I'm trying to find a better photograph of William Green.
    2/Lt Royal Highlanders 11.8.00, South Africa, Capt with 1st Bn Black Watch to France 14.8.14, Lt-Col CO 9th Royal Scots 1916, Brig-Gen 153rd Brigade 1918, later seems to have been Maj-Gen and listed as The Loyal Regiment.
    The picture I have (below) is from A History of the Black Watch 1914-1918 vol 1
    Most of what I have on him is here:
    This might be him in 1940?

    Can anyone do better than this cropped group photo? Additional information welcome too of course. Thank you.

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    Hi Neill,

    I can't locate any other images. The book one seems to be it.

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    Chalky, thank you very much for your efforts, much appreciated. I'll stick with what I have, and be grateful for it!


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