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Thread: Major Adam Ross Stewart

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    Major Adam Ross Stewart

    Hello, I am Ross Stewart named after my grandfather, I'm going to post some photos and copies of documents from his Black Watch days. He died in 1977 as a child we had little conversation but in the last 2 years of his life I had a few chats with him I was in the Merchant Navy and I mostly remember him telling me about the King David Hotel.

    I know he was mentioned in dispatches twice but I don't know why and would really like to discover what he did to merit that.

    He had two service numbers one as an enlisted man and one as an officer. He is in the photo of the 2nd Battalion in Palestine 1937 that is on the wall on the staircase in the museum, he is recorded as Colour Sergeant then.

    Hopefully the photos and documents will be of interest to others and I will discover more about Adam.
    I have copies to the museum when I visited in 2010.
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    A few more there are others yet to copy and post.
    Hoping someone can tell me more about him, also I have a cousin I think may still be in the BW Bob Reid a Capt I think.


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    A man of many talents Ross, great photos and documents and I am sure that some of our knowledgeable members will come up with the information you require. Bill...


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