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Join The Black Watch Castle and Museum archivist Richard McKenzie as he takes you on a series of guided specialist tours, looking in detail at how The Black Watch emerged from near 300 years of conflict as one of the finest regiments in the world.

Technology and Tactics tour
Friday 4 December |11.30am
Association Members £5 | Friends £5 |£12.50 adults | £10.00 Concessions

This tour will explore how the technology of weapons development has influenced how the Highland soldier fought throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. From the slow loading smooth bore musket to the accuracy of the modern assault rifle, every technological leap forward influenced the effectiveness of the Black Watch soldier from the green fields of Fontenoy, to the deserts of Iraq.

Command and Control tour.
Friday 11 December |11.30am
Association Members £5 | Friends £5 |£12.50 adults | £10.00 Concessions

From the first drum beats that summoned the Black Watch to muster to the use of modern electrical equipment Commanders, and the level of control they had on the Highland soldiers under their command, has enabled the regiment to achieve a level of success and professionalism that caused them to be the envy of other regiments. That isnít to say that the regiment has always been blessed with great commanders, and this tour will show how the effectiveness of the senior officers led the Watch to the heights of their success, and the lows of their failures.

A Soldierís Tale
Wednesday 16 December |11.30am
Association Members £5 | Friends £5 |£12.50 adults | £10.00 Concessions

Step into the life of a Black Watch soldier in this tour. Hear the history of the regiment in their own words and let them guide you through the terror and joy, pain and laughter of life in this first Highland Regiment.

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