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Thread: Sealed World War Two Atlantikwall Bunker Discovered In France

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    Sealed World War Two Atlantikwall Bunker Discovered In France

    A World War Two German bunker has been discovered in the Gironde region of France after being closed and hidden for more than 70 years.

    The bunker was built in 1943 in the middle of World War Two on the Arcachon Basin of Gironde on the west coast of France.
    It was discovered and reopened by a local archaeological group, the bunker being part of the Atlantikwall on the French coast. The Atlantikwall was built during the German occupation of France and consisted of thousands of concrete bunkers along the coast of France, Belgium and the Netherlands and continued as far north as Denmark. The wall was the Germans defence against possible invasion from the sea.

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    That's a strange one - why would they want to seal this bunker....did they (the British or the French) find something that they didn't want to become public knowledge...?


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