Hello all
Researching my wife's grandmother's family tree of INNES and have found that her great great grandfather enlisted in April 1793 in the 78th Regiment of Foot. He also wrote a autobiography of his life entitled. The Life of Roderick Innes, lately of HM Seventy-Eight Regiment written by Himself printed and published by Alexander Clark, Stonehaven, 1844. Haven't managed to track down a copy of this but if anyone can advise on this I would be very grateful.

The second question relates to his discharge papers where it states that he was 23 years old when he enlisted making his birth year 1770. There is however a hand written addition on the right hand side which seems to suggest he was only 17, making his birth year 1776.. Having some difficultly in making out the full written text though. Can anyone with more experience advise on this section of text, to the right hand corner of the box..

He lived until 1852 when the Stonehaven Press and Journal had him aged 83 making his birth year 1769.. so you can appreciate my confusion.. He was awarded Army of India Medal with three clasps and the Peninsular Medal with Clasp for 1811 Invasion of Java. My wife certainly has won 'who has the best military family history' as there is no way I can beat being commanded by Major General Arthur Wellesley (who later became the Duke of Wellington).


Hope someone can help...