In Piping Press I found the following about P/M Dan MacLeod who served in the Black Watch during WW1.
3rd Battalion Dundee Home Guard: After they had been established Home Guard units were permitted to wear the hat badge of their local regiment. In Dundee that could only have been the Black Watch, and any veterans in it would have been ex-Black Watch, not Dad’s Army [reference to a popular UK comedy show of the 70s and 80s].
P/M Dan Macleod: Transferred from 7 Royal Scots to 4 Black Watch when he moved from Edinburgh to work for D C Thomson in Dundee. Piped battalion onto action at Loos and won Military Medal for rescuing wounded men after the attack on 25 Sept 1915. Won a bar in 1917 for similar acts of gallantry. Joined Home Guard in WW2 and formed pipe band.

Does anyone have more information about P/M MacLeod, such as his first/middle names and when he served as P/M in the Black Watch and Dundee Home Guard and which battalions?