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    I received this photo these comments from a very elderly gent and thought I'd pass it on for comment from our resident historians

    You may like this painting of a scene from the Battle of Waterloo.
    (“The Battle of Waterloo”, oil on canvas by Robert Alexander Hillingford (1825-1904), hanging in the Army and Navy Club, London).

    What is reproduced here is probably only a part of a wider picture.

    Do you think that the building is Mont St. Jean? (I thought that the British didn’t form squares as far south as La Haye Sainte.)

    However it does depict what appears to be a (company [?] of a) highland regiment, in square, resisting the attack of the French cavalry; perhaps the front rank is reloading. Is that the Black Watch or another highland regiment?

    It does shew how, as casualties reduced the number of troops holding the square, the square diminished in size, becoming very tight with its wounded, the sheltering artillerymen and various officers on horseback.

    The artist has also managed, with his background, to give a good impression of more cavalry in the middle distance, and the huge phalanxes of French infantry in the distance.

    Finally , upper left there seems to be one of the dreaded rockets that were often as dangerous to the firing side as to the enemy.

    A square at Waterloo.jpg

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    Al, could it be Hougoumont farm where a great stand held out?.Bill..


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