I purchased this embroidery years ago at an antiques fair the dealer knew nothing about it. When I got it home I removed it from the frame (falling to pieces) to find that the reverse of the picture is backed by a copy of the Nagaski Times 1897. Showed it to a Japanese speaker who said the language used was Japanese but the charactures where in archaic Chinese he said it was like an Englishman trying to read Latin. One of the interesting articles he deciphered was how to hold a cigarette like a European!
The work shows the Arms of Scotland, it is well made with heavily padded areas. The unicorns look more like Chinese dragons and the rose of England is shown as a chrysanhtemum but is has a naive style.
Recently I bought the Arms of England at a military fair the dealer said they were produced to sell to sailors calling in at Japanese ports.
As you can see they are both by the same maker H.Imamura Nakasaki Japan. They were made by teenage girls in a cottage industry to supply the new foreigners who were only allowed to visit Japan since the 1860s.