Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have spent some time thinking about the forums. Due to some recent posts which brought some issues to light, I have started to change the forum slightly.

When a Guest arrives at the forum they are presented with 4 forums that they can view only. They are:

1. The Main Forum.
2. Collectors Corner.
3. Military History.
4. The Castle and Museum.

As I said, these 4 forums are open to the public to view only.

I have added a new area entitled General which at the moment has two forums in it. They are:

1. General Everyday Chat - Post anything here that is not for public viewing.
2. Sensitive Material / Issues.

These forums are for 'Registered Users' only.

If you want to post something which you don't want airing in public then please use 'General Everyday Chat' rather than the 'Main Forum'. Continue to use 'Sensitive Material/Issues' as you already doing so.

The Images, Videos, Poems and Humour section has also been amended. You will notice I have given Photographs and Poems a separate thread. I will get them all moved to the correct area soon (I hope).

A lot of users on here may not know this, but you can start 'Groups'. I have started one called 'The Steamy' which is a place to let off steam about anything and everything. It is not intended for those who are easily offended.

If anybody wants a place to air their views away from the forum then just click Join.